Actress Pooja Tiwari is all set to make her career in Bollywood. Currently Pooja is working on many projects which will work as a Catalyst in her Acting Journey. Pooja has achieved all this success in a small age of 23.

Pooja Tiwari was born on 15th of July 1998 in Ningoha which is located near Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. From a very small age, she was fond of different types of Artistic things, which played a major role in Pooja’s success in today’s time. When Pooja was in 11th Standard, Singing and writing came in her life and people were also appreciating it but she was expecting some another thing in her life. After observing analysing herself she realised that she can become a great actor in her life journey.

By Hard work and perseverance, she got her break in some Big Music Videos as a lead actress like, “Yu milna zaroori thaa”, “Dil toot Gaya”, “Mera Bhola hai Bhola”, “Padosan”, “Teddy Bear” and “Ishq Pagal”. After this music videos, she was becoming a known face and this was the time when she got her first break in a regional movies of Chandan Upadhyay’s “Race” and Akshara Singh’s “Darling”.

After this success of two big films, she got the regional movies as a lead actress called “Disha ek prem katha”, “Peon”. This movies made Pooja a well known personality in her region. She also has done one web series called “Vivah”. While shooting, she use to sit with directors to gain more technical knowledge which was helping to shape herself as an actress. She also got the Green Cinema Award for Best Actress.

But it was just a beginning for Pooja. Now she is preparing and all set to make her debut in a Bollywood movies soon. After coming in Mumbai she has done print shoots for Flipkart and Arabic. She has also won and participated in various beauty pageants like Mumbai India Global, Biggest Beauty Award, Fashionista Walk Night, etc.

Pooja is not only pursuing her career in Bollywood but also using her platform to give back to the community by feeding needy people and roadside families. Social work is a noble and selfless profession, and it’s great to see individuals like Pooja who are using their influence to make a positive impact on society.

Feeding the hungry and providing assistance to those in need is a vital service, and it helps to create a more equitable and compassionate society. Pooja’s work as a social worker can also serve as an inspiration to others and encourage them to give back to their communities in their own unique ways.

By balancing her career aspirations with her social work, Pooja is showing that it’s possible to achieve success while also making a difference in the world. She is setting a great example for others to follow, and her contributions to society are truly commendable.

By Kajal

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