The Diverse Business Ventures of Obdu Group

OBDU’s success in providing assistance to clients with different domains over the past 4+ years. It’s impressive that they have maintained a 100% satisfactory level and are continuing to grow with the support and love of 2.5 lakh happy customers and 200+ employees.

OBDU has presented four auxiliary organizations under Obdu Private Limited, including Obdu EV , Obdu Shop,Obey cabs , and obdu digital doctor clinic . It seems like they have diversified their offerings to cater to different customer needs and markets.

Moreover, OBDU is also a manufacturer and service provider of e-vehicles in the B2B sector. This shows that they are adapting to the changing market trends and investing in sustainable technologies.

1. Obdu Group Businesses

2. OBDU Cabs


Obey Cab sounds like a great solution for both drivers and passengers. By utilizing GPS technology, Obey Cab is able to connect drivers who are available and willing to provide services with passengers who need a ride. This allows drivers to make the most of their time and be available wherever and whenever their services are required.

some of the renowned states where the company has established its prominence are Kolkata, Guwahati, Jorhat, Bulandshahr, Lucknow, Bilaspur, Korba, and Dhubri. With 35,000 cabs, the firm is taking care of around 8 cities all over the country.

For passengers, Obey Cab provides an easy-to-use on-demand taxi app that allows them to quickly and easily request a ride. With the help of GPS technology, the app is able to locate available drivers in the area and connect them with the passenger in need of a ride.

Overall, it seems like Obey Cab is a convenient and efficient solution for both drivers and passengers, helping to connect them in a way that benefits everyone involved.


OBDU Shop sounds like a convenient online shopping solution that offers a wide variety of products for customers to choose from. With products ranging from household items to personal care, fashion, home decor, and electronics, OBDU Shop seems to have a diverse selection of items that cater to different customer needs and preferences.

Moreover, the promise of delivering products in just 59 minutes is impressive and shows a commitment to timely and efficient service. This is sure to be appreciated by customers who value quick and convenient delivery.

Overall, OBDU Shop seems like a reliable and convenient option for online shopping, offering a diverse selection of products and fast delivery times.


Obdu EV is the market leader in electric motorcycles in India. Obdu is democratizing the clean commute in the country using next-gen mobility solutions The company is completely focused on providing world class electric mobility products which are affordable and accessible to every Indian.

Obdu EV is the next-gen mobility company, created for the smart world. With technology at its roots and class-apart products, Obdu is India’s first to bring 220 km range in single charging with cruise control feature smart bike without compromising on the performance or aesthetics of a regular ride.

Overall, India’s first to bring 220 km range in single charging with cruise control feature smart bike Manufacterer Company. without compromising on the performance or aesthetics of a regular ride.
it seems like OBDU EV’s sales force is a valuable asset for clients who are looking to increase their sales and grow their businesses. With experienced professionals and consultancy services, OBDU EV is well-positioned to help clients achieve their sales goals.

Digital Doctor Clinic

obdu pvt ltd has signed an MoU of 350 crores with the Government of Uttar Pradesh, moving India towards Digital India through digital doctor clinics, with the aim of using the latest technology through digital technology on the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh. and quality healthcare will be provided

Digital Doctor Clinic sounds like a valuable initiative that aims to make healthcare more accessible to people in rural areas. By setting up digital clinics in villages, Digital Doctor Clinic is able to provide easy and quality healthcare to those who may not have had access to it before.

Digital clinics can be especially useful in rural areas where access to healthcare facilities may be limited. Through the use of digital technology, doctors and healthcare professionals can provide remote consultations and diagnose and treat patients from a distance. This not only increases access to healthcare but also saves patients the time and expense of traveling to a physical clinic.

Overall, it’s great to hear about initiatives like Digital Doctor Clinic that are using technology to improve access to healthcare for those who may have been underserved in the past. This has the potential to make a real difference in people’s lives and improve health outcomes in rural areas.

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