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Let me introduce you to Mr. N S Reddy, an insightful educator and a leading expert in college admissions. He truly understands the concerns and aspirations of parents like you. With a strong commitment to empowering students, N S Reddy has written a remarkable book called “College Admissions Decoded,” tailored to address the needs of both students and parents.

As a parent, you play a vital role in supporting your child’s journey into college. In “College Admissions Decoded,” N S Reddy provides invaluable guidance on how to help your child choose the right college, select the ideal course, and navigate all  aspects of higher education. He shares practical strategies to assist your child in building their strengths and overcoming obstacles along the way.

By reading this comprehensive guide, you will gain insights and tools to actively support your child in making informed decisions, unleashing their full potential, and achieving breakthrough success in their future aspirations. Join your child on this transformative journey by reading “College Admissions Decoded” and unlock a world of opportunities in the realm of college education together.


Let’s dive deeper into the insights shared by Mr. N S Reddy. In this exclusive interview, we explore key questions that shed light on the college admissions process,student and parent considerations, personal and career growth aspirations.

Q1. What is the core of this book?

The core of “College Admissions Decoded” revolves around supporting and empowering parents and students in navigating the college admissions process. The author, Mr. N S Reddy, aims to make this complex process easier to understand for parents, equipping them with the confidence and knowledge they need to guide their child towards success.

The book provides insider tips, practical advice, and a comprehensive understanding of selecting the ideal college and course options. By sharing this knowledge, the author seeks to establish parents as trusted sources of guidance for their children.

In addition to simplifying the journey of college admissions, the book also nurtures the aspirations and goals of both parents and students. It serves as a valuable resource for individuals looking for comprehensive information and support throughout the college admissions process in India.

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Q2. How do you define your relationship with the subject matter?

One of the pressing concerns addressed by me in this  book is the prevalence of frauds and scams targeting parents and students during the college admissions process. Recognizing the vulnerability of families seeking guidance, I shed light on the deceptive practices employed by fake consultants.

By addressing this important aspect, I demonstrate my commitment to safeguarding the interests of parents and students, ensuring they make informed decisions and avoid falling victim to unscrupulous practices.

Through my book, I provide the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the admissions journey with confidence, protecting parents and students from the potential pitfalls of fraudulent consultants.

Q3. What is your inspiration for writing this book?

The inspiration behind “College Admissions Decoded” stems from Mr. N S Reddy’s dedication to the parents and students community, particularly those who face challenges in the college admissions process due to limited access to resources. He noticed that individuals in both urban and rural areas often struggle to navigate the admissions process without proper guidance, and they may rely on unreliable sources for information.

Driven by a desire to empower these “Lost Parents and students,” Mr. N S Reddy wrote this book to provide them with the knowledge and support necessary to make informed decisions. His goal is to bridge the gap and ensure that every student, regardless of their background or geographical location, has access to the resources they need for successful college admissions.

By sharing his expertise and knowledge through this book, Mr. N S Reddy hopes to make a positive impact and assist students in overcoming any challenges they may encounter on their path to achieving their educational goals.

Q4. Can you share more about your inspiration?

I’m driven to write “College Admissions Decoded” because I’ve seen how misleading information and bad choices affect parents, students, and the community. Parents invest a lot of time, emotion, money, and resources into their children’s future, so I want to help them avoid the negative consequences of making unwise decisions during the admissions process.

I understand how important good education is for a successful society. When we have skilled engineers, doctors, and other professionals from respected schools, our community thrives.

My goal is to create a society where students can follow their dreams, get the education they deserve, and make a difference in their communities. I believe that every student, no matter their background, should have equal opportunities for an excellent education. This not only benefits individuals, but also helps society as a whole. I’m inspired by imagining a better future where every student’s potential is realized and their dreams are supported.

Q 5. Can you share your advice from a Student perspective? OR What values do you share and advice to the student community in Large?

 In “College Admissions Decoded,” the author emphasizes the importance of self-discovery and personal growth from a student’s perspective. The advice shared with the student community revolves around the following values:

  1. Self-awareness: Students are encouraged to take the time to understand themselves, their strengths, weaknesses, passions, and aspirations. By gaining a deep understanding of their own abilities and interests, students can make informed decisions about the courses they want to pursue and the colleges they want to apply to. This self-awareness also allows them to showcase their unique qualities effectively during the college application process.
  2. Goal-setting: Students are advised to set clear goals for themselves. By identifying their aspirations and what they want to achieve, students can align their choices and actions accordingly. This helps them stay focused and motivated throughout their academic journey.
  3. Personal growth: The author encourages students to go beyond their academic studies and actively engage in extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and pursue their passions. By participating in diverse experiences and exploring their interests, students can develop valuable skills, broaden their horizons, and showcase their well-roundedness to college admissions committees.
  4. Continuous learning: Students are urged to cultivate a mindset of lifelong learning. This entails seeking knowledge and growth not just within the confines of the classroom but also through various avenues outside of it. By embracing opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills, students can demonstrate their intellectual curiosity and adaptability.

The book also provides tools and resources to aid students in understanding their strengths, interests, and how these align with their goals. These tools serve as guides to help students make informed choices and approach the college admissions process with confidence.

Q6. Would you like to share your advice from a Parents perspective?

One key concept that I would advise parents to focus on, as highlighted in “College Admissions Decoded,” is the importance of understanding their child’s strengths and aligning them with the right course and college. It is crucial for parents to help their children identify their areas of interest, aptitude, and passion early on.

By recognizing and nurturing these strengths, parents can guide their children towards a career path that not only brings them fulfillment but also maximizes their potential for success.

Encouraging students to pursue their passion and excel in areas that align with their strengths can significantly enhance their chances of gaining admission to top colleges and universities. It also sets the foundation for a fulfilling and rewarding career journey ahead.

Q7. Is there anything else that you want to talk about?

 Indeed, holistic development and well-being are essential aspects to consider during the college admissions process. It’s commendable that “College Admissions Decoded” also addresses these topics. Prioritizing mental and emotional well-being, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and fostering overall personal growth are crucial for students’ long-term success and happiness.

By guiding students on how to effectively manage stress and prioritize their well-being, the book equips them with valuable tools and strategies to navigate the challenges they may encounter during the admissions journey. Encouraging a positive mindset, resilience, and a sense of purpose can contribute significantly to students’ overall well-being and enhance their college experience.

I’m glad to see that “College Admissions Decoded” recognizes the importance of holistic development and well-being, as it complements the academic aspects of the college admissions process and promotes a balanced approach to success.

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